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The Clinger

The Clinger | Stage 2 (Holds 2)

The Clinger | Stage 2 (Holds 2)

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Invented by a cancer patient, designed by engineers.

The Clinger is a case which holds your lighter and cigarette at the same time. Throw it in your bag or put it in your pocket knowing wherever you go you'll have everything all in one place. Its air-tight to keep your material fresh.. We used a premium ABS plastic for the reasons that it durable, heat resistant, and most importantly recyclable so if you ever dispose of your Clinger please do responsibly!

  • Smell Proof & Crush Proof
  • Fits Clipper & Bic lighters
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Holds 1 Joint or Cigarette

 100% AIR-TIGHT : We made the Clinger with the idea to be portable and discrete. 

CRUSH-PROOF: We've specifically chosen a premium 100% recyclable ABS plastic which will keep your materials safe and our planet green. 

HOLDS BIC AND CLIPPER LIGHTER : Ever forget to bring a lighter? The Clinger attaches to your lighter and still allows you to use the lighter while attached. You'll always have a place to keep your loose items for later! 

SUPER SLEEK AND PORTABLE : Designed to fit the natural shape of your hand so you can still comfortably use your lighter as you normally would with the Clinger attached.

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