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The Kind Pen

The Kind Glass | Steamroller

The Kind Glass | Steamroller

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You want on-to-go bong hits… but without using a bong? This 10” steamroller fits the bill perfectly. Made from tempered borosilicate, it’s tough, sturdy, and delivers massive lungfuls with every single rip:

  • Unshatterable Glass: 7mm thick tube built to last… even if you’re Mr. Butterfingers.
  • No Need for Water: you’ll still get killer hits thanks to tube dimensions & chill properties.
  • On-the-Go Usability: easy to pack into your backpack, fill up, rip, and put away.
  • Lifetime Warranty: in the unlikely case it breaks, we’ll replace it… no questions asked.

Material7mm Borosilicate Glass
ColorClear W/ The Kind Glass Logo
Origin: Made In New Jersey, USA

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