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Thicket | Spaceout Raygun Torch Lighter

Thicket | Spaceout Raygun Torch Lighter

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Thicket - Spaceout Raygun Torch Lighter is the perfect dabbing accessory. With an adjustable butane flame, you can customize the intensity of the flame to vaporize your concentrates evenly and at the perfect temperature. This stylish and fun ray gun-inspired torch adds a futuristic touch to your dabbing routine.
  • Single Windproof Jet Flame
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Trigger and lock, kickstand
  • Safety Lock/ Ignition Hold
  • Butane Refillable
  • Size: 4.5 x 3 x 2 in
  • Type: Hand Torch/Table Torch

** Important: torches will be shipped without butane in order to be compliant with US Shipping Regulations. Please refer to our Q&A for any questions on filling lighter

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